Getting Started

Need help getting started, accessing the test lab network, or with the lessons themselves?

ISECOM supports the schools and licensed users via mailing lists, and Security Awareness Instructor training.  We also have a small FAQ here to help you:

How do I get started learning to be a hacker?

First, you will need to download the lesson workbooks from this site. If you download the lessons from other websites we cannot guarantee they haven't been corrupted and had improper information added to them. Once you have the lessons, we recommend those new to hacking start doing them in order up through Lesson 5. After that, jump around and try whichever lessons interest you.

Other things you may need are computers which can boot up a Live Linux CD, a clean Internet connection, and access to an on-line test lab for practice. Hacker Highschool hosts a test lab where access can be purchased with a license to help support research and development of the lessons.


Do I need a license to teach this?

Public and private high schools using these lessons as part of course work and private, home users and home-schoolers do not need a license. If you want to teach this anywhere else then yes, you need to buy a license.

What kind of equipment do we need to do this?

We recommend you have at least 1 computer for every 2 students so they can work in pairs. While some of the lessons are OS agnostic, we recommend using Live Linux CDs on the PC for best results. Live Linux CDs allow you to boot off of the CD into a Linux operating system without affecting the current operating system at all as it runs completely off the CD.  You can download and burn the CD yourself from any Live Linux distribution website but we currently are working with fedora Security Lab. 


Do I need to get certified to teach Hacker Highschool?

The lessons are designed for the students to self-teach but as any great teacher knows, you need to guide a student to knowing. To do this, you should be familiar with the concepts in these lessons as well as how teens should be introduced to hacking. ISECOM provides the Security Awareness Instructor certification which covers these things as well as other certifications which go deeper into the subject. 


How do I kick-off this project to students?

We recommend you host a Hacker Highschool edutainment seminar for the students at the school to let them hear real stories from real hackers and see real tricks showing them that they are not so immune to security threats as they might think.


Which other schools are using HHS?

We don't keep a list of participating schools or organizations. However, you can subscribe to the HHS mailing list and ask for yourself. However, from downloads, we can see thousands of schools around the world grabbing the lessons.