12 Months HHS License

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You agree and understand this license is only a recognized permission from ISECOM for you and only you to teach materials from Hacker Highschool commercially or for-profit and holds no other value besides as a document of accepted, written permission. This license is issued only to the one person, you, under the name and accompanying contact information you have registered here and you may not transfer, sell, rent, or share the license to other persons or organizations in any way or under any form. You understand that this license is not a transference of copyright or permission for publication. No liabilities may be greater than the cost of this license and you agree ISECOM holds no other responsibilities or liabilities beyond the terms of providing this permission to you upon your payment for this license. You understand that failure to meet this terms means revocation of the license.

I hereby state that the above information provided by me is true and that I have read and understood the terms of the license prior to proceeding to payment.

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