"Students liked the course and the lessons and were fascinated with what they could do and see."
Mary Lou Connors

Syracuse Diocese, Syracuse, NY, USA

"In summary, the kids liked the Hacker High School curriculum. I liked it as well. Unfortunately the mindset in most schools and teachers is lagging at least a decade behind what kids are already doing at home, and what they're probably already doing at school, with or without the teacher's knowledge. So Hacker Highschool should definitely be incorporated into school lessons."
Eric Brown
Jefferson City, Missouri, USA

"I teach Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Computer Science. Some of your topics are in the curriculum already but your lessons just gave it in a more "fun" light. I always tell my students that everything they learn can be used for both good and not-so-good purposes. The real test is how they choose to use their knowledge. I would definitely use your materials again."
Sam Black
Lubbock High School, Lubbock, Texas, USA

"The students really engaged with the material and felt it made them far more aware of how computers function, how networks work and security issues in general than conventional curriculum could ever do. Would I do it again? Absolutely I will be doing it again next year. There is interest in students coming up this year in doing the course. The HHS course will be alive and well here while I am on staff."
Graeme Stevens
Swans School Sierra Blanca, Marbella, Spain