Hacker Highschool uses hacking as a learning technique to help teens be more resourceful, more creative, problem-solve, and protect themselves from the variety of modern threats they face in a technology-driven world. HHS lessons are free, attract high school and college teens, exist in 8 languages and get downloaded more than 200,000 times per month.

Become a Hacker Highschool Sponsor! Most teens today have only known a life online. The Internet has always been there for them. The computing technology has always been something they could hold in their hands. Many threats can reach them through it. Protecting teens online isn't something that's just a technical problem. It's also a people problem. Most attacks are social and manipulative in nature. Parents and schools can't fix that with more technology. The teens need to learn how to protect themselves. Hacker Highschool teaches teens hacking to engage, educate, and and inspire them to secure themselves today and even contribute as cybersecurity professionals tomorrow. So we make cybersafe teens with a really strong education in cybersecurity techniques and concepts that makes them very employable in this rapidly growing field. But we need your help. Hacker Highschool is a project under the non-profit research organization, ISECOM. Sponsors like you help us afford to develop more lessons, reach a broader audience of teens, and get the project running in more schools. We need you whether you support us as a private individual or as a company. Individuals can sponsor us by: - Buying and donating copies of the Hacker Highschool Study Guides and Workbooks or How the Hacker Stole Christmas to local schools and libraries. - Buying and donating Hacker Highschool Student and Teacher Subscriptions to schools. We can provide a certificate of award to print out as a gift for those who want the schools to use the gift as an award for students of their choosing. Companies can sponsor us by:

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