Need help with the HHS lessons?

If you need help please feel free to post questions to the HHS mailing list. To join the list please click HERE.

Do you want the HHS project in your school?

Many requests come straight from students for HHS. If you want to know what you can you do to bring this to your school or what you need to do to get started, then please try this:

  • Tell your teachers.

The first step is to let them know about the HHS program and how it can fit into their curriculum or as an after-school club. With a teacher or administrator's help, you can quickly get started. Have your teach visit this website or contact us directly.

  • Start a club.

After school clubs are generally very flexible and most administrators will allow students classroom and computer access if they find a teacher or administration personnel to support it and be there. It also shows there are enough students interested for this type of learning activity. If this still doesn't work, at least you have a big enough group to approach other schools or colleges outside your school.

  • Take it outside the school.

If your school cannot or will not support the HHS program then you have other options. With a group of students you can appeal to local trade schools, colleges, universities, internet security businesses, local ISPs, the PTA (parents-teachers association), and even to other schools in other school districts.


Be prepared to talk about the program and state your case for wanting it. Acting responsibly is the only way to prove you will behave responsibly. Don't pretend that the term "hacker" has not been turned into a black mark by the media in general. We want to prove that the skills are as beneficial to every day life today as is knowing how to look up books in a library or balancing a checkbook. Don't try to turn this into illusions of being the television version of a master hacker. A hammer can make you a killer but it can also protect you or make you a carpenter. The HHS program is about being a better citizen and your attitude in soliciting for this program in your community will determine the outcome.