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"Students liked the course and the lessons and were fascinated with what they could do and see." 
Mary Lou Connors 
Syracuse Diocese, Syracuse, NY, USA

"I would definitely use your materials again."
Sam Black
Lubbock High School, Lubbock, TX, USA

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Cyber Security Skills for the Real World

Hacking is a method of problem solving that combines resourcefulness, logic, creativity, and study. Hacker Highschool helps teens learn hacking as a method to figure out how things work (such as with the Scientific Method) and to further learn by doing. Hacking is usefully applied in nearly all fields as it builds upon what is known to create new things, foods, designs, etc. When applied to computers and networks, it also teaches safety and security in a world quickly drowning in information where to be safer teens today need to know the facts from the fraud, the real from the fake, and the bad from the good.

Hacker Highschool is practical because security awareness has to be the continuing practice of a skill and not just the continuous reminder of a threat. That's why we need teens to actively take on real hacking attacks. Like a fire drill or even driver education, students need real practice if they want to learn how not to end up a victim. 

Hacker Highschool provides a set of hands-on, e-book lessons designed specifically for teens to learn cyber security and critical Internet skills.  These are lessons that challenge teens to be as resourceful and creative as hackers with topics like safe Internet use, web privacy, online research techniques, network security, and even dealing with cyber-bullies. The full program contains teaching materials in multiple languages, physical books with additional lessons, and back-end support for high school teachers and home schooling parents.

Assistance Available 

Teachers and home-schooling parents looking for help in running HHS can take an HHS Teacher Course which teaches the concepts of the lessons and how to best assist the students learning the lessons.

Kick off Hacker Highschool with a live edutainment seminar at your school or community center. This is ISECOM's professional hackers and security researchers talking to students about hacking and being a hacker.

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