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Whatever you may have heard about hackers, the truth is they do something really, really well: discover. Hackers are motivated, resourceful, and creative. They get deeply into how things work, to the point that they know how to take control of them and change them into something else. This lets them re-think even big ideas because they can really dig to the bottom of how things function.

Learn and reinforce essential security skills quickly with this straight-forward guide designed to speed learning and information etention. With clear explanations, stories, and interesting exercises from hacking to penetration testing you will quickly grasp and use important security concepts. As a textbook, workbook, and study guide for both directed and self-learning, this is the ultimate textbook for cybersecurity awareness and skill-building designed for all high school and college students. Ideal for any classroom or home-schooling.

Volume 1 of the Security Essentials series, Network Security Essentials includes lessons in System Tools and Techniques, Hacking Network Protocols, and Hacking Network Services. Buy Now 

Volume 2 of the Security Essentials series, Security Analysis Essentials includes lessons in Hacking Malware, Attack Analysis, and Counter Forensics.Buy Now 

Volume 3 of the Security Essentials series, Hacking Essentials includes lessons in Hacking Email, Hacking Websites, and Hacking Passwords. Buy Now 

The Security Essentials series is based on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) to assure this is the newest security research and concepts and the Hacker Highschool project to specifically teach teens from wide range of technology skill levels. 

The best way to learn cybersecurity and hacking is to practice the tools, techniques, and security concepts all together so you don't just learn some tricks that work against some systems or applications but understand the big picture that lets you hack and secure ALL systems.

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How the Hacker Stole Christmas 

For Children Everywhere
who aren’t staring at a screen.

That's how this book begins. It's a playful, funny parody of the Christmas classic with a modern setting, a modern theme, and a modern villain. 
In this story a sad, angry teen lashes out against her classmates on Christmas break because of how they act and how they treat her. She's sick of being bullied by her classmates in school and online at home. So she does something about it. 
So what happens when this hacker takes out electronic distractions on Christmas Eve? What happens when the teens can't post pictures of their presents on Christmas day? Does the town get together and learn the meaning of Christmas? Or did the hacker steal that too?
This story has been created by the team behind Hacker Highschool, a non-profit initiative to use hacking as a learning methodology to engage teens, improve cybersafety awareness, and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. So we get the hacking parts completely correct. We also (unfortunately) get the teen cyberbullying and abuse of social networks completely correct. Which is why this story is so important to be told.
The book has been co-illustrated by the (then) 13-year-old Ayla Madison of Youtube and Instagram's Happy Mopey and Carmen Sullo, an ontological leadership coach with a special interest in all things art and family.
This book is fun for everyone with many learning points about hacking, technology, society, and self esteem.