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Whatever you may have heard about hackers, the truth is they do something really, really well: discover. Hackers are motivated, resourceful, and creative. They get deeply into how things work, to the point that they know how to take control of them and change them into something else. This lets them re-think even big ideas because they can really dig to the bottom of how things function.

Learn and reinforce essential security skills quickly with this straight-forward guide designed to speed learning and improve information retention. With clear explanations, stories, and interesting exercises from hacking to defending you will quickly grasp and use important security concepts. As a textbook, workbook, and study guide for both directed and self-learning, this is the ultimate textbook for cybersecurity awareness and skill-building designed for all high school and college students. Ideal for any classroom or home-schooling.

The Security Essentials series is based on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) to assure this is the newest security research and concepts and to specifically teach teens in a wide range of technology skill levels.

The best way to learn cybersecurity and hacking is to practice the tools, techniques, and security concepts all together so you don't just learn some tricks that work against some systems or applications but understand the big picture. That way, as the teens grow and technology changes, they are prepared to grow with it.

Hacker Highschool

Cybersecurity for Teens