Privacy Policy

ISECOM and Hacker Highschool are committed to visitor privacy.

We do not place cookies on visitor devices. We do provide private information to third-parties or advertisers.

We do not ask for any registration to download the lesson workbooks nor do we create any kind of visitor profile.

Visitors are invited to email us privately with questions or comments. Information sent will not be shared with any other entity outside of ISECOM. Email addresses are required to allow us to reply but we do not collect email addresses from these submissions.

Visitors are invited to join our mailing list. No information except an e-mail address is required for this. In addition, a confirmation from the email address is required to prevent anyone from subscribing someone else without permission. Subscription to our mailing list will not start until confirmation is received. Requests to be removed from the mailing list will result in deletion of the email address.

License Purchase: Visitors who purchase a license must provide identifying information necessary for processing the application. Information provided will only be used within ISECOM and will not be sold, rented, loaned or traded with a third party, except where required by law. License purchase is done via PayPal which has a secure site for payment and shipping purposes.

If offensive or illegal content is posted or sent anywhere on or to or a visitor engages in any disruptive behavior on, ISECOM can use whatever information is available to stop such behavior. This may involve informing relevant third parties such as employers, school e-mail/Internet providers and law enforcement agencies about the content and behavior.

Questions regarding Hacker Highschool's privacy policy, should be directed to

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